Applications are powering business productivity. Every small business is using around 100 SaaS applications on average. When the company grows, so do the number of applications and IT overload. Eventually every growing company has to address application management pains. And today, it is much more than just procuring licenses. Current market solutions force businesses into product categories, and everything that gets deployed is complex, expensive, and represents numerous disjoint tools.

We are building an all-in-one Application Management Platform for SMBs. We believe IT teams should have one place to manage workspace applications, simply, securely, and cost effectively.

Meet our team

We love to push boundaries, experiment, and create innovative solutions.

CEO Circle image Nikolay

Love building products. Ex Facebook, ex VMware, ex Cisco.

CTO Circle image RJ

Years of experience building global scalable SaaS solutions for millions of users.

Software engineer Circle image Ashk

All things code, design, and making things work smoothly. Has been doing engineering for a while.