Passwordless Single Sign-On for Healthcare and Manufacturing

Access workstations, applications, and infrastructure with RFID badge Tap and Go, passwordless mobile MFA, or biometrics.

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A new way to manage employee access to company resources

End-to-end SaaS solution to enable employee access with RFID badges, biometrics, or security keys.

RFID Tap and Go

Tap an RFID badge and login into workstations, VDI, or applications. Liberate employees from passwords while enhancing security and usability.

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Mobile Passwordless MFA

Secure access with unphishable mobile passwordless MFA that is leveraging FIDO2 standards. Employees simply scan a QR-code and access resources with mobile biometrics.

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Hardware security keys

Use a security key for strong multifactor authentication into SSO-enabled web apps, workstations, and infrastructure.

All-in-one platform to manage employee access to company resources

Fully integrated platform that combines connectivity, authentication, authorization, and auditing for every company resource.

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Let us handle employee access securely.

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