Zero Trust Platform

One platform to manage access to applications and infrastructure, without passwords

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Privileged Access, Identity Management, and Passwordless
working together as one.

Automatically onboard your employees and give them centralized one-click access to any application and infrastructure. Your engineers and security professionals get unified access to servers, databases, on-premise and cloud resources. And all of this powered by security of biometrics. Your team has access to everything to get the job done.

idemeum products

Choose what you need or go all in – idemeum is a modular cloud platform.

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See how easy it is to access any company resource from any device.

Replace your legacy VPN, PAM, and phishable MFA.
Go passwordless.

Remote work, cloud adoption, and SaaS acceleration accelerate the business but require new tools for employees to stay productive and secure.

Without idemeum

Frustration and complex connection of disjoint identity products. Multiple dashboards to access and integrations to manage, endless user syncs, and cumbersome user experience with various login methods.

With idemeum

Connect idemeum to your infrastructure – web apps, on-premises apps, SSH servers, databases and more. One place to manage and secure access with biometrics.

Security first, second, and third.

We take security seriously to protect your data and business.

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Zero knowledge cloud

Data in our cloud is end to end encrypted so your credentials are never exposed to anyone but you.

True passwordless

We eliminate passwords, secrets, and static credentials such as SSH keys. Nothing to phish or steal.

Ongoing compliance and pen tests

We leverage the best to test how we are doing. And stay compliant with certifications such as SOC2.

Modern security standards

We design identity the right way leveraging FIDO2, PKI, DID and more.

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