Passwordless platform for workforce

Your employees can access anything – workstations, applications, or infrastructure – with a simple badge tap, mobile passwordless MFA, or hardware security key.

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All-in-one platform to manage employee access to company resources

Fully integrated platform that combines connectivity, authentication, authorization, and auditing for every company resource.

Privileged Access, Identity Management, and Passwordless working together as one.

Whether you are a small business or an organization with distributed workforce, idemeum gives you one single platform to manage employee access to any company resource.

So, why idemeum?

Our platform allows you to get rid of passwords for good, replace legacy technology such as VPN, and secure access to sensitive company resources.

Eliminate passwords for everything employees access

Protect access to devices, applications, servers, and networks with phishing resistant Passwordless MFA that replaces passwords with biometrics.

Secure access to infrastructure and hosted applications

Unify access to hosted applications, servers, databases and more to replace legacy VPN and PAM to make your engineers more productive.

Protect access to sensitive resources with device trust

Identify risky devices and apply granular policies with location, time, and device posture telemetry to enforce secure access.

Zero Trust that is easy to deploy, manage, and scale

idemeum is architected based on modern Zero Trust principles.

  • Never trust and always verify using passwordless multiple factors
  • Access to resources is determined by granular dynamic policy
  • Leverage micro-segmentation to limit lateral movement
  • Single-click secure access
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Security first, second, and third.

We take security seriously to protect your data and business.

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Zero knowledge cloud

Data in our cloud is end to end encrypted so your credentials are never exposed to anyone but you.

True passwordless

We eliminate passwords, secrets, and static credentials such as SSH keys. Nothing to phish or steal.

Ongoing compliance and pen tests

We leverage the best to test how we are doing. And stay compliant with certifications such as SOC2.

Modern security standards

We design identity the right way leveraging FIDO2, PKI, DID and more.

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