idemeum is a passwordless identity platform to secure your employees and customers.

Simply, we make your passwords disappear.

Why bother about passwordless?

Passwords cause data breaches

Cyberattacks aren’t slowing down, and it’s worth noting that many attacks have been successful without the use of advanced technology. All it takes is one compromised credential or one legacy application to cause a data breach.

Over 80% of hacking breaches involve brute force or the use of lost or stolen credentials.

- Verizon 2020 DBIR

Up to 73% of users duplicate their passwords in both their personal and work accounts.

- Security Boulevard

Take a look at everything idemeum has to offer

Passwordless is so much more than just employee login

Onboarding Login Access Offboarding

Decentralized mobile identity

Everything starts with a private mobile identity

Every employee spends 2 minutes creating digital identity on a mobile phone. Identity data is securely stored on a mobile device and is not persisted in idemeum cloud.

Mobile identity
Passwordless onboarding
Passwordless onboarding

Onboard employees without password pain

Forget about sending passwords, tokens, or magic links. Employees self onboard by simply scanning idemeum QR code.

ID verification

Secure remote onboarding with ID verification

Provide access to employees who verify their identity with government issued ID document.

ID verification
HRMS integration
HRMS as as master

HR system as a source of user data

idemeum integrates with most popular HR systems to perform HR driven provisioning. Any changes made to user information within an HR system are automatically communicated to idemeum and synced across applications.

User account provisioning

Automatically set up and disable apps when employees join or leave

Automatically add new employees to every app they need, or revoke employee access during off-boarding. idemeum detects changes in the HR system and does all the work so you do not need to turn the accounts off.

Passwordless Single Sign-On

Offer employees 1-tap access to their apps with Single Sign-On

idemeum SSO makes your whole company more productive and secure, by giving employees centralized and secure 1-click access to all their apps—right from their user portal. And most importantly idemeum SSO is passwordless. Every login is approved from a mobile device with biometrics.

ID verification

idemeum, because passwordless first.

Experience a better way to manage apps

Application Management Platform

Manage employee onboarding, offboarding, identity and access control, and everything in between with all-in-one platform.



Automatically give your employees access to all they need.

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Manage who and how gets access to applications.

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Learn how applications are used and how much you spend.

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Make your employees more productive with mobile tools.