Single Sign-On (SSO)

One-click access to any application on any device.

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Single Sign-On that goes beyond web applications

Anything you need to access is one click away and without passwords – cloud applications, on-premises applications, password applications, SSH servers, desktops, and more.

HR-driven user management

Manage users locally or right from HR system

Connect idemeum to your external user source, such as HR or Payroll system, other Identity Provider, or easily manage users locally using built-in user directory.

Fast and simple integrations

Hundreds of pre-configured integrations

Out of the box integrations for SAML applications, account provisioning, password auto-fill, HR user management, desktop login, and more – we truly make things simple so even non-technical person can get things running quickly.

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Automated provisioning

Create or remove SaaS accounts automatically

idemeum supports automated account provisioning with JIT, SCIM, and custom connectors across hundreds of SaaS applications.

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Mobile catalog

Access any application on any platform

idemeum is optimized for both web and mobile experience. idemeum mobile app is not just an authenticator, but rather a mobile catalog to access any resource as seamlessly as using a desktop web browser.

Role-based access control

Give employees access to only what they need

Leverage attributes from your HR system, such as department or title, put employees into groups, or simply entitle applications directly to each user.

Audit reports

See detailed view of who is doing what

idemeum records every login, application use, and many other data points to give you detailed visibility into who is accessing what in your organization.


saved on every provisioning request with Single Sign-On


of all data breaches are due to weak or stolen passwords


average employee types out credentials per month


are tracked by average employee

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