Security. Built right.

At idemeum security is one of our core values. Securing your digital identity is fundamental in the workplace. We design idemeum platform to protect your identity while offering seamless and simple experience. That’s the kind of innovation we believe in. 

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Your data is secure with idemeum

We combine enterprise-grade security with regular audits to ensure that you’re always protected. For us security is comprehensive and spans product, people, and process areas.

Secure architecture

We architected idemeum leveraging the most modern tools in cryptography, decentralization, and identity protocols.

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We take the protection of our customers’ data very seriously, and that’s why we are proud to be SOC 2 certified.

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Penetration testing

idemeum is periodically assessed to make sure it remains a secure way for organizations to manage identity of employees. These unaltered reports provide insight into how independent auditors view the security of our products.

Auditor Date Report
Cure53 May 2022 Ongoing

Report a vulnerability

To make a security vulnerability report, fill out the form below. Share as many details as possible, including steps to reproduce. We are deeply grateful to researchers who report issues so that we can address them immediately.

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