Security is core to everything we do.
We do it the right way.

To protect your data we apply best and latest security principles to our people, processes, and technology that we develop.

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Your data is safe with idemeum

Login is mission critical to businesses and individuals. Therefore, we designed idemeum in accordance with the latest best practices as it relates to confidentiality, integrity, and availability.


We make sure we train and vet every person who joins our team.


We apply best practices of secure software development including code release, upgrades, patch management, security policies and more.


We use modern technology and best practices to secure our product and infrastructure.


We are now undergoing SOC2 compliance certification and penetration testing exercise.


idemeum is secure by design. It is designed to secure you and your data.

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Zero knowledge encryption
Your data is end to end encrypted, and no one can see it but you. You hold the keys.
Asymmetric cryptography
Every login is secured with biometrics and crypto certificates to replace passwords.
Hardware backed security
Security keys and certificates are securely stored in hardware backed storage on mobile devices.
Secure and open standards
idemeum platform is leveraging modern identity standards including FIDO2, Webauthn, SAML, DID, and more.
Device attestation services
We detect insecure devices to make sure your data is not compromised.
Encryption at rest and in transit
All data sent to or from idemeum is encrypted using multiple levels (TLS, asymmetric crypto), and all data on mobile is encrypted using two level of symmetric cryptography.

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