Securely access infrastructure from anywhere in the world

No VPN, no passwords or static credentials, no firewall rules. One unified place to access on-premises applications, servers, databases, and more.

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It is not just connectivity.
idemeum combines authentication, authorization, and auditing into a single platform.


Connect to your on-premises applications and infrastructure without exposing any ports or network changes.


Authenticate access to user session with phishing-resistant Passwordless MFA.


Granular dynamic access control to enforce least privilege principle for every resource.


Robust audit capabilities and session recordings for each connection.

Connect any user to any resource, anywhere.

Replace VPN and bastion hosts with Secure Remote Access designed based on zero trust principles.

Remote web applications

Connect users to CI/CD pipelines, cloud consoles, monitoring dashboards, code repositories, and other internal web applications in your private cloud.


SSH servers

Access SSH servers remotely with minimal configuration. Enforce strong authentication with Passwordless MFA, and replace passwords and SSH keys with short-lived certificates.


RDP desktops

Access Windows hosts from anywhere with a click of a button. Integrate with Active Directory domain controller to login with smart card instead of username and password.


Connect to cloud-based or self-hosted databases. Authenticate using IAM for cloud databases, or certificate authentication for self-hosted databases.

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Zero Trust at its finest – control access to every single resource with dynamic policies

Dynamic access policies

Each resource is micro segmented and enforces its own policy. This allows us to leverage granular dynamic access control to enforce least privilege principle. Dynamic aspect of policy includes the attributes assigned to the user account, device characteristics, time and location attributes.

What is Zero Trust?

Complete visibility and accountability

Detailed audit trail

idemeum captures detailed audit logs of what is happening in your environment to maintain compliance and access accountability.

Audit logs

Detailed event recording of your environment - application launches, vault access, configuration changes, entitlement updates, provisioning events, and more.

Session recordings

Every interactive server session is recorded for future replay and analysis.

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