RFID Single Sign-On for any app on any device

Tap the badge to access workstations, web and native applications, as well as virtual desktops.

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Secure and productive access to your company data

Eliminate password fatigue, increase user productivity, improve security, and meet regulatory compliance standards.

Simple end-to-end solution

We offer hardware, software, and support based on your requirements. We can conduct a POC to make sure we solve your required use cases.

Fast deployment

idemeum is a cloud based SaaS solution that can be set up in hours instead of weeks. Configure your desired settings in our cloud, deploy idemeum client to your workstations with MDM or 3rd party tool, plug in the reader, and you are good to go.

Hundreds of integrations

We support various operating systems, Web and desktop applications, identity providers, and more. We can enable the precise use case and experience you need.

RFID Single Sign-On capabilities

Legacy and web apps

Enable passwordless access to any type of application on any device.

Cloud deployment

Minimal footprint to deploy and manage, implement a pilot in a matter of hours.

Virtual desktop access

Integrate with virtual desktops, thin, and zero clients.

Fast user switching

Enable any login flow you can imagine - tap in, tap out, tap over, and more.

Workflow automation

Automate launch of applications and actions to streamline user access.

Flexibility and customization

Customize login flows and user experience based on your requirements.

Client-side encryption with your key

When you install idemeum desktop application you can provide your encryption key. This way idemeum will never see and be able to decrypt your employee credentials. Password auto fill for web and desktop applications is secured by your own company managed key.

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Automatically fill credentials into desktop native and web applications

idemeum offers seamless end-to-end login experience with RFID Single Sign-On. You tap the badge to access company workstation, and then once you open web or native application, idemeum will automatically fill login credentials.


Custom branding

Customize idemeum desktop login screen to match the style of your organization – upload logo, background, login tile, and any text to greet your employees.

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Enterprise deployment

Deploy idemeum desktop client at scale to hundreds of workstations with silent installation option, leverage Windows native tools such as PowerShell and Intune, or 3rd party products such as PDQ Deploy.

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Shared account login

With idemeum you can assign a shared account to a workstation, and everyone who will access this workstation with RFID badge will be signed in with that shared account.

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Granular access control

With idemeum you can control who has access to what workstations with RFID badge. You allow an employee to access all machines, or control access to each machine individually.

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