Privileged Access Management for MSPs

Eliminate admin credentials and MFA codes. Access any customer workstation with Passwordless MFA and biometrics. idemeum will automatically create, manage, and secure local admin accounts behind the scenes.

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Why use idemeum at your MSP?


Eliminate credential-based breaches

85% of breaches start with stolen credentials, passwords, and phishable MFA. idemeum eliminates admin credentials and replaces them with biometrics.


Streamline MSP operations

No more searching for credentials in password tools, copying them, sharing with other technicians, pasting MFA codes, with low oversight and auditing – mobile login is instant and secure.


Meet compliance and regulation

Secure access to workstations with strong biometric based MFA, do not expose admin credentials to techs, and hourly rotate credentials for enhanced security and password protection.

Next generation access to customer workstations.
No passwords necessary.

Before idemeum

Access password manager or rotation tool, search for customer and workstation, copy password, paste password, fill in TOTP MFA code, then login. No auditing, oversight, provisioning, and visibility into credential usage.

With idemeum

Access customer workstation, scan QR-code with mobile device, approve with biometrics. That is it.

Every technician login is secured with FIDO2 Passwordless MFA

Every login into customer workstation is secured with Multi-Factor Authentication that is leveraging two factors – something you have (mobile device) and something you are (biometrics). What is more, technicians do not need to know or use any passwords and the login is completely passwordless.

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Features designed for MSPs

idemeum Privileged Access Management is the next evolutionary step for MSPs and MSSPs seeking to reduce credential sharing risk and secure access to customer workstations without compromising end user experience.



Simply scan the QR-code with mobile device and login with biometrics.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Every technician login is protected with secure FIDO2 Passwordless MFA.

Any workstation

Login into macOS and Windows (local, domain-joined, or AAD-joined).

Physical or RMM login

Access customer workstations while physically present at the site, or elevate in the remote RMM session while helping users with privileged actions.

Automatic account creation

Automatically create local admin accounts on each workstation.

Automated password rotation

idemeum will automatically rotate local admin passwords for added level of security.

Audit logs

See who is accessing customer workstations, who is viewing admin passwords, who is changing cloud settings, and more.

Granular access control

Automatically grant access to new technicians, or control who has access to what customers and what workstations.

Silent installation

Install idemeum desktop client silently without disrupting any customer login flows.

Deploy idemeum to as many endpoints as you need. Pricing is per technician.

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