Protect anything your employees access with biometrics

Eliminate passwords and easily integrate unphishable MFA with your existing SSO, VPN, Wi-FI, server access, desktops, and more.

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80% of breaches are caused by lost or stolen credentials

How is idemeum MFA passwordless?

With idemeum you don't have to type or remember a password ever again. When accessing company resources you scan a QR-code with idemeum app, and approve with biometrics. That is all.

How is idemeum MFA multi-factor?

Every login is protected with two factors: your biometrics (something you are), and certificates on your mobile device (something you have).

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There is a reason we call our MFA universal

idemeum Passwordless MFA integrates with pretty much anything you have in your environment.

Existing Single Sign-On

idemeum passwordless MFA can integrate with your existing SSO Identity Provider (such as Azure Active Directory, Okta, OneLogin and more) to protect access to your cloud applications.

Passwordless MFA for SSO


idemeum eliminates passwords for accessing Windows or MacOS desktops in your environment. We offer a desktop client that once installed can be paired with a mobile device to offer a seamless and secure access with biometrics.

Passwordless MFA for desktops

Network infrastructure

Eliminate passwords when accessing your network infrastructure. You can integrate idemeum Passwordless MFA with your existing VPN, Wi-Fi network, or existing network devices. idemeum offers Cloud Radius infrastructure to make integration very simple.

Passwordless MFA for VPN / Wi-Fi

Windows RDP servers

With idemeum you can easily access your local domain-joined Windows servers without any passwords. When accessing these servers using RDP protocol you can scan a QR code and login with mobile biometrics.

Passwordless MFA for RDP desktops

Legacy applications

idemeum offers LDAP proxy so that you can connect your legacy applications and enable login with Passwordless MFA.

Coming soon

Command line tools

idemeum protects admin tools such as Remote PowerShell, PsExec, and WMI with Passwordless MFA.

Coming soon

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