Passwordless Elevated Access for MSPs

Securely access any customer workstation with biometrics. Eliminate admin passwords and MFA codes.

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How does it work?

No more passwords, MFA codes, or copy pasting any credentials. Technicians seamlessly login into any customer workstation with mobile biometrics.



No auditing, low oversight, and high friction when technicians access customer workstations. You need to access password vault, locate credentials for admin account, obtain MFA code, access workstation, paste credentials.


With idemeum

Simplicity meets security. All you need to do is to access workstation, scan QR- code with mobile device, and approve with biometrics. No more passwords or copy pasting business.

Elevated Access enables:

  • No more logins with local admin passwords
  • No more password sharing and MFA codes
  • Secure logins to any customer workstation
  • Support for domain and non-domain environments
  • Detailed audit logs for who has accessed what
  • Windows and macOS
  • Non invasive deployment

Passwordless MFA for your customers with a single click

Once idemeum Elevated Access is deployed, and you have secured workstation access for your technicians, you can also offer Passwordless MFA access to your customers. Your customers’ employees will be able to also onboard into idemeum and access workstations, applications, and infrastructure without passwords.

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Deploy idemeum to as many endpoints as you need. Pricing is per technician.

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