Password Vault

Safely store, manage, and share your passwords to secure your employees and business. No master password required, just biometrics.

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No more risk of getting your master password lost or compromised – it does not exist.

Zero-knowledge cloud

No more insecure spreadsheets

Your passwords are encrypted, and only you hold the keys to decrypt your data. idemeum leverages zero-knowledge cryptography to keep your logins locked away from thieves, hackers, and cyber criminals.

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Biometrics everywhere

Access vault with a touch of a finger

Access vault with idemeum Passwordless MFA app or local biometric sensors such as Touch ID or Windows Hello. With idemeum we are not just masking a master password – we are eliminating it.

Secure sharing

Safely and easily share passwords

idemeum offers safe and easy way to share your passwords with other people. Keep your information private, while giving your team members access to everything they need.

Secure access

Use strong passwords for all applications

Protect your business from hacks and breaches by making it easy to use strong passwords. Employees access applications securely without negative productivity or user experience impact.

Secure one-time codes

Integrate with TOTP for added security

idemeum allows to integrate with TOTP for additional level of security. When accessing applications, idemeum will auto-fill credentials as well as secure one-time codes.

Mobile and desktop access

Access passwords on any platform

idemeum offers seamless access to password applications using desktop browser, mobile application, and browser extension.

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