We make employee app onboarding seamless so we can save you time with manual tasks

HRMS integration

Integrate with your HRMS system to access employee data. No directory needed. Onboarding operates on the latest source of truth data about your employees.

Application provisioning

Automatically provision application accounts for new employees. No admin involvement required. Seamlessly disable employees' apps when they leave.

Identity verification

idemeum has built-in ID document verification to make sure you can onboard users and provide access to corporate applications with the high level of assurance of person's identity.

On average IT administrator spends 30 minutes per provisioning request. We can help.

HRMS integration

Connect to authoritative source of employee data

Connect your HRMS system and idemeum to automate identity management using the most authoritative employee data source. idemeum bridges the gap between HR and IT, so that both teams can work effectively to fix employee lifecycle gap.

Application provisioning

Automatically set up employee application when they get hired

idemeum can sync roles and departments from your HR system and automatically provision user accounts in required applications based on roles. We save your time by automating manual work.

Application de-provisioning

Effortlessly remove application access when employees leave

idemeum detects employee updates in your HRMS system. When you offboard employees, idemeum automatically removes access to corporate applications to prevent unauthorized access. It happens automatically, so you do not have to worry about it.

Identity verification

Provide access to sensitive resources with ID verification

idemeum has identity verification built-in. We follow NIST guidelines and provide IAL level 2 assurance of employees' real identities. You can trust every login attempt and know exactly who is accessing your resources.

No password distribution

Solve the fundamental password transit problem

Sharing initial password with new hire is hard - it is insecure, can be stolen in transit, and there is no guarantee it lands in the intended hands. idemeum does not need passwords, tokens, or magic links to enroll. Just ask users to set up idemeum and authenticate. That is all.

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