idemeum MSP Program

Simple pay as you go model without complex tiers or minimums. Save money on identity management, and offer your customers all-in-one access platform at a competitive price.

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Program designed to make you successful

Supporting you with your first install, helping you troubleshoot a customer problem, or providing you with documentation – our team is available to you when you need us.

Save up to 50% on identity management

Our partners save up to 50% of identity management costs, as they do not need to deploy separate vendors for remote access, Single Sign-On, password management and more.

Manage customers from one console

With a single management portal, you’ll save time onboarding and managing your customers. Add, remove, and manage access to any customer resource from a single place.

Simple pricing structure to scale with you

idemeum offers pay as you go structure without any unnecessary complexities. Pricing is very competitive and designed to scale with your business while onboarding new customers.

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All in one platform

Everything you need to manage access to applications and infrastructure

No more juggling with various vendor products, paying premium, or struggling to integrate various platforms. idemeum offers everything you need for identity and access management.


Passwordless MFA that runs on biometrics and eliminate passwords, OTPs and pushes for your customers. It is universal and can be integrated with Single Sign-On, VPN, Wi-Fi, on-premises applications, and Windows and MacOS desktops.

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Centralize access to cloud applications, automatically provision and remove user account, and offer your employees one click access to any resource from a single unified catalog.

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Eliminate legacy VPN and offer one-click passwordless access to on-premises applications, SSH servers, RDP desktops, databases and more.

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Securely generate, store, share, and fill credentials for on-premises and cloud applications. Seamless and secure experience across desktop and mobile.

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