MSP Partner Program

Improve margins and make your clients more secure with all-in-one passwordless identity management platform.

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Everything you need to help your clients manage access to workstations, applications, and infrastructure.

Cloud directory

Cloud directory to manage users locally or sync with Azure, Google, HR systems and other sources.

Single Sign-On

Centralized one-click passwordless access to any company resource.

Passwordless MFA

Access any company resource with biometrics instead of passwords - workstations, cloud app, legacy apps, infrastructure, and more.

Password vault

Securely store, share, and autofill credentials on websites and applications. No master password required.

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Eliminate legacy VPN and access hosted applications and infrastructure from anywhere.

Passwordless desktop MFA

Protect Windows and macOS workstations with passwordless access. Support for local and domain accounts.

RFID Single Sign-On

Access workstations and applications with a simple tap of a RFID badge. No passwords required.


Protect VPN and Wi-Fi access with passwordless MFA without the need to deploy any servers.

Modern PAM

Passwordless access to infrastructure, including SSH servers, Windows servers, databases, and more.

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With a single management console, you’ll save time managing your idemeum customers. Add or remove customers and delegate the right level of access to each customer account without compromising security.

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