How is idemeum different?

The only passwordless, private, and user-centric platform


With one SDK you choose how you want to login your users: with one-click, biometrics, or QR-codes. No passwords involved.


With client-side encryption we empower your users to own and control their data. Your users' data is none of our business. We make it private.

Single Sign-on

With Single Sign-On across domains and apps your users will love the experience. They won't even notice it.

All-in-one SDK

Remove password friction for your users

All you need is idemeum SDK and a couple of hours of your time. You can easily implement one-click, biometric, or QR code login flow for your desktop or mobile app.

var idemeum = new IdemeumManager(
(clientId = "YOUR_CLIENT_ID")

function isUserLoggedIn() {
        function(data) {
        function(errorData) {
            html = ``;
            document.getElementById("initial").innerHTML = html;
How to integrate

Plug and play experience

With just a few lines of code you can leverage idemeum SDK to implement passwordless for your mobile or desktop app. We make it simple.

About infrastructure

Secure and private by design

With Privacy-aware Identity Architecture we make user data privacy and security part of our DNA. We engineered idemeum to combine best of both worlds - provide Single Sing-On yet enable digital identity privacy and modern security controls.

idemeum architecture