What is idemeum?

What is idemeum?

With idemeum your mobile device becomes your universal digital identity, which:

How does idemeum do it?

To do this we built a digital identity platform that is Decentralized, Verified, and Mobile. Let’s get deeper into what that means.

🪢 Decentralized

idemeum is private by design. All user information is stored safely and securely on users’ mobile devices. We store zero PII information in our backend.

✅ Verified

When users create their identity, we remotely verify all information, such as email address, phone number, and ID document. By doing so we reduce identity fraud and increase online trust.


Mobile device replaces passwords and becomes universal digital identity. To access resources users leverage cryptography and biometric sensors on their devices. This greatly simplifies and improves user experience while maintaining high level of security.

What does idemeum mean?

We wanted the name of the product to reflect our mission and what we stand for.

!!! note “” idemeum is comprised of two latin words: meum and idem that mean “my” and “identity”.

We aspire idemeum to be truly yours. Something that you can own, control, and share only with people and services you choose to. And we want idemeum to be your digital identity. Not some random string of characters that is hard to remember, but your true digital identity that you can use personally and professionally.

idemeum for enterprise

idemeum offers a variety of use cases for enterprises, including Verified Passwordless MFA.

idemeum is very simple to deploy and POC, as there are no on-premises components or user sync requirements. As simple as connect idemeum cloud service with your identity infrastructure.