Simple and powerful

Transform device deployment experience

idemeum will integrate into your existing device deployment flows to provide passwordless experience to your employees. It can be a zero-touch deployment, user-initiated enrollment, Windows, Mac, or Chromebook - idemeum covers it all.

70% of businesses are looking to reduce costs through a more effective use of technology.

Without direct access to employees, businesses need to rethink their IT processes, especially getting devices in the hands of their employees.

- Gartner HR Survey

Forget about distributing credentials

With idemeum you do not have to worry about distributing credentials to your employees. No need to send passwords over email, generate magic links, or ask manager to print out the page and share with employee. Employee just needs to set up idemeum. It is that simple.

Decentralized platform
Decentralized platform
Personal claims login

Log in with personal email

If employee can not access corporate email to obtain temporary credentials - no problem. idemeum allows to log in into corporate resources with personal email. idemeum integrates with your HRMS, and we take care of the mapping ourselves.

Seamless experience

Support for various enrollment types

With idemeum enable passwordless for any MDM enrollment types - zero touch enrollment for corporate managed devices, or user-enrollment for BYOD devices. idemeum also supports major desktop operating systems: macOS, Windows, and Chrome OS.

Decentralized platform

See idemeum in action

Learn how idemeum can help you effortlessly transform your employee digital identity.