Automate manual work

Application management on auto-pilot

Automated account provisioning, role-based access control, and everything in between. Save time, stay compliant, and secure your organization.

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Everything you need in one place

HR-driven user management

idemeum connects to your HR system with a simple click. It uses HR employee data for passwordless onboarding, group management, and application control. There is no need to create yet another directory.

Single Sign-On

One click access to your company applications. Any device - mobile or desktop, and any application - web or native.

Automated provisioning

Automatically create accounts when employees join, and safely remove them when employees leave. Stay secure, compliant, and protect your data.

Access and group management

idemeum offers granular role-based access control and flexible group management. You can easily push and manage groups to your SaaS applications.

Web and mobile catalogs

All your applications are your fingertips - conveniently launch any application from web or mobile catalog.

On average it takes 30 minutes for an IT team to handle new provisioning request…


Automatically add employees to every app they need

idemeum connects to your HR system and can automatically set up employees’ apps when they get hired. You can use role, department, title, and more to define what apps each employee will need.

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Timely disable employees’ apps when they leave

When you off-board employees in your HR system idemeum will automatically revoke their access to corporate applications. Meet compliance requirements and never get compromised due to stale accounts.


Give employees access to any app with one click

idemeum makes your whole company more productive and protected by giving employees centralized, secure, one-click access to all company apps (password-based and SAML apps). Employees can seamless access app from mobile or desktop catalogs.

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