Automate manual work

Automated account provisioning

Put your application provisioning on autopilot. Save time, stay compliant, and secure your organization.

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On average it takes 30 minutes for an IT team to handle new provisioning request


Automatically add employees to every app they need

idemeum connects to your HR system and can automatically set up employees’ apps when they get hired. You can use role, department, title, and more to define what apps each employee will need.

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Timely disable employees’ apps when they leave

When you off-board employees in your HR system idemeum will automatically revoke their access to corporate applications. Meet compliance requirements and never get compromised due to stale accounts.


Achieve day-1 productivity and reduce costs

Your employees can become productive day one – they do not wait to get access to apps they need. Moreover, with quicker deprovisioning you will recuperate software licenses and save on costs.

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