Bring simple and passwordless access to every company

We are building the future of workplace access – simple, secure, and powered by modern passwordless technology. Our vision is to become a single place for companies to manage applications. We simplify application management for IT teams, and delight users with frictionless access to any app from any device.


We love to push boundaries and stay ahead of the game

We are a team of highly motivated and passionate technology enthusiasts. We work hard, have fun outside the office, and generally do not take ourselves too seriously. We listen, debate, dream, and put our heads and hearts to creating the future of workplace access. At the end of the day we have the best job in the world – securing companies while making the employee experience fun.


We are fortunate to have an amazing team

Nikolay is passionate about building technology products. He spent the last 10 years leading product teams for companies like Facebook, VMware, and Cisco. Nikolay is a proud father of three restless kids, and likes to spend weekends outdoors with his family.
NIkolay Poturnak

Co-founder / CEO

Jagjit spend 20 years in the Bay area leading software engineering teams. Recently Jagjit was a Director of Engineering at VMware responsible for building cloud-first distributed system for hundreds of enterprise companies. Jagjit also worked at Concept Tapistry, Flexera, and i2.
Jagjit Sethi

Co-founder / CTO

Kamlesh has 15+ years of software engineering experience. He spent last decade in identity domain, building cloud-native microservices. He loves playing table tennis and hiking.
Kamlesh Patil

Software Engineer

DMV native and Universtity of Maryland alumnus. After doing his time in the enterprise and a brief stint as a contractor helping the government track child pornography, he decided to get into the startup game. Currently enjoys swimming and spending time with his newborn daughter.
David Woodward

Software Engineer

Started coding in BASIC and then PASCAL when I was 12 years old. I’ve always enjoyed solving problems and translate the solution into code. Spent the last 10+ years working in the Identity space. In my free time I enjoy playing soccer or tennis and reading autobiographies.
George Oprean

Software Engineer

I have 15+ years of experience in building cloud solutions. Spent the last 6 years working in Identity domain. In my free time enjoy hiking, tennis and swimming.
Ashok Dhakar

Software Engineer

Passionate about technology and innovation. Worked in the industry for 5 years to expertise in Web Technologies. My primary goal is to deliver quality code and build stable architectures. I enjoy socializing with new minds in my free time.
Raghavendra Acharya

Engineering intern


Exited to partner with the best

Someone hacked my password. Now I have to rename my dog. 😂


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