Passwordless Application Management

One place to manage your apps without passwords

Why deploy multiple disjoint products?

One platform you ever need

Single Sign-On

One click passwordless access to any app.

Next Generation Password Manager

Log in to sites and fill forms securely with biometrics.

Application visibility and control

Granular usage and spend visibility for SaaS apps.

Meet Passwordless Single Sign-On

All-in-one application catalog

Stop jumping between tools.

All your applications combined in a single catalog. Launch password, shared, or SAML apps from one place with a single click.

Passwordless MFA

Eliminate passwords and let employees login with biometrics. Login becomes as simple as scanning the QR-code or approving mobile notification.

Automated account provisioning

Automate employee onboarding and account creation right from your HR system.

End to end demo

Here’s a quick demo for how a new employee is onboarded without passwords. Their identity is verified with your HRMS, all accounts are automatically provisioned, and they can access every resource on their desktop and mobile phone using biometrics.

Let's go passwordless, simply

We are on a mission to make application management simple

Applications are powering business productivity. Even a small business is using around 50 SaaS applications on average. When the company grows, so do the number of applications and IT overload. Eventually every growing company has to address application management pains. Current market solutions force businesses into product categories, and everything that gets deployed is complex, expensive, and represents numerous disjoint tools.

We are building an all-in-one Passwordless Application Management platform for SMBs. It is powered by our decentralized mobile identity that allows us to introduce new concepts such as self onboarding and end to end password elimination.

We believe IT teams should have one place to manage workspace applications, simply, securely, and cost effectively.

We love to push boundaries and experiment


CEO and co-founder

Love building products. Ex product lead at Facebook, VMware, and Cisco.


CTO and co-founder

Build scalable and global SaaS platforms for millions of users.


Software Engineer

Make things happen. All things code, design, and architecture.

Our investors

We are fortunate to work with some of the best investors in the world.

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Let's go passwordless, simply